What is the point of being alive if you don´t at least try to do something remarkable?

This is the question I made to myself when I realize that I was doing the right thing in the wrong way. I always convinced my son that everything is possible, if we try hard with passion for it. But I was doing the opposite.

This day I decided to prove myself that yes, I can. I am capable. I have value. And I´m worth it. Just like I always say to my boys before kiss them goodnight.

I will start this journey by doing something remarkable.

Once I said that my dream is to be alive until Lolita the Orca is free in the wild again. I also explained to my oldest son that any individual can do something big with his own tools, hoping to give him the courage to make his own way in the future.

I will prove to my son that everyone in Portugal will know about Lolita. And I will do this with my shoes.



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